Thursday, October 15, 2009

Distorted perceptions

I just saw this short video the other day (apparently I'm a year behind everyone else). That part that really kills me is about 40 seconds in.

No wonder is right!


  1. you shouuld check out the dove website. They have several videos -- look on the "onslaught" one. It's amazing.

    The beauty industry is dangerous to women's sanity.

  2. Oh wow - thanks for sharing. If anyone else is interested, the "onslaught" video can be seen at the following site, as well as on Dove's website.

  3. That is amazing! Shoot, *I* could be on bilboards :) How sad that this is what women have to measure themselves against.

  4. Crazy! I've seen stuff like this before, but it never fails to shock me...and in between times, I always seem to forget how false the beauty industry actually is. The thing that really gets me is: in lots of ways, the model was prettiest *before* they started making her over. Don't you think?


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