Friday, May 7, 2010

7 Quick Takes (29)

We went to the Philly NFP Network conference last Saturday and it was great! There were some really interesting speakers. I even met a girl who reads my blog (hi Rosey!), which was super exciting. One of the speakers was Brian Gail, the author of Fatherless. I bought the book, and look forward to diving into it this summer (no fun reading allowed until the dissertation's finished!).

I came away with several things I wanted to blog about, but have to think about it before I put them up. For example, one of the speakers was Angela Lanfranchi of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute. She had some really interesting graphics of how breast cancer works and how a full term pregnancy (full term being the key) prevents breast cancer... but my husband and I aren't sure about putting up drawings of breasts on this blog. That seems just a bit too racy for us.

Another person who was at the conference was my husband's best friend Mike. Mike is a good guy and he's SINGLE and good-looking and has a good job and he went to an NFP conference. With his mother (but he's not really a mama's boy, as far as I can tell). Ahem. What I'm trying to say is if any of you single Catholic ladies are in the Philadelphia, PA or White Plains, NY area, I totally will hook you up with him. He's a catch. And we want him to have a girlfriend so we can go on double-dates and I can be your best friend, and you'll ask us to be in your wedding. It'll be so much fun! 

And while I'm playing matchmaker, for you Christian women in the Kansas City area, my baby brother is also available. He's graduating from college tomorrow, and doesn't have a job yet, but I'm thinking the right woman will inspire him to want to do more than play at a piano bar for the next couple years. He's funny and outgoing and good-looking and I love him to pieces. Bonus: you could become my sister-in-law!

Okay, enough of that. If either of them read this, they'd probably be extremely embarrassed.

I finally went through yesterday and cleared out some of the blogs I was following. I realized that I was "following" some that I rarely read, but am missing some from my regular commentors! The plan for next week is to make sure that I'm reading what those of you who comment are writing. I like to feel like these are conversations, so I know where everyone is coming from!

A really exciting blog post is coming on Monday. I can't say anything more.

We have started planting our garden! Last year was our first to garden, and we loved it. My husband the scientist particularly enjoyed it. I maintain that it's really good for men to get out and do physical labor of some sort, instead of just sitting at a desk all day and then coming home and playing video games or watching TV at night. Actually, I shouldn't just say men - it's good for everyone to get active and spend time in nature!

Anyway, my husband enjoyed it so much that we got double the space this year - 20' x 40'. (We're doing half of it in sweet corn - yummy!) And he's contemplating getting another 20' x 20' section. I hope we're not biting off more than we can chew!

My husband is a fence hater. Seriously, he doesn't want a fence for the dog or for the garden, or even when we have children. Well, some deer have gotten to our lettuce, so it looks like a fence might be in his future after all. He's so disappointed.

My husband was singing the following song in the shower last night. Yet another reason I love that man.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You have some amazing matchmaking skills going on! And that is so funny that your husband was singing that in the shower. :) Your posts are always so fun or so informative (and sometimes both). I love it!

  2. Matchmaking= too funny.

    You know that you can't say things like #4 when we're already all on pins and needles for baby announcements! >:( ;-)

    Your garden sounds great. I don't care too much about having a house, but I can't wait to have a garden.

  3. It's White Plains, NY; not White Hall, NY.

  4. Great matchmaking, I will be sure to pass on this post to my favorite local single friends. So glad you enjoyed the conference, will look forward to more posts. Happy Gardening, sorry about the lettuce!

  5. If I didn't already have a boyfriend, I would SO jump at the chance to marry your hubby's best friend and therefore become your best friend....and live on adjoining farms! Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  6. Thank you Anonymous (aka my husband) - correction made!

  7. i think the breast pictures wouldn't be too racy if they were interal physiological diagrams (as opposed to bikini cleavage shots :-p)

    oh the hubby's BF - my catholic GF is in CT and so needs a nice catholic guy...

  8. 1. Glad the NFP conference was productive...and yay for fun reading after the dissertation is finished!!

    2. man...I've gotta move. J/k ;-)

    4. I'm with Rae on this one, and holding my breath...hope she's right!!

    5. Amen to gardens over video games.

    7. It's so cute how you adore your husband. Love it.

  9. We've made one successful match- a childhood friend of mine and a new friend of his. It was seriously so obvious, but Anthony thinks we are some totally amazing matchmakers. The topic comes up all the time because he is determined to try again, but so far we have no ideas that are actually realistic.

    This Monday post better really be worth it after announcing it like that!

    I feel like I am slacking with the garden this year b/c in my mind it should get bigger every year...though we do not have much space that gets sun. We just have 3 tomatoes, 3 peppers, herbs, sunflowers and other flowers. A far cry from what I did growing up, tomatoes plants by the dozen and multiple 40 foot rows of green beans, among other things.

  10. #7 I love the funny stuff that husbands do! :) And you are worried about breast diagrams? I am in the middle of writing a post on Sexuality and the Catholic Church and its turning out to be pretty interesting. :^/

  11. Wow, sex, breasts, and sexuality have been cropping up all over today. LOLOL

    I just noted out garden-planing plans as well! I think we did 15x15 last year and I was going to increase it to 20x20 this year. 20x40 would be awesome! I do most of the work in ours, but I love it very much. To call it work is a stretch! Do you rent the space somewhere or something? Ours is just in our yard.

    I am so exited for your Monday post!

  12. are so funny in the shower!

    I'm sorry about your lettuce...fences are pretty much a must around the garden. Once they find it they will go and tell their little deer friends...and rabbit friends...and your garden will become the neighborhood buffet! Kim

  13. Now that song is going to be my head! Wish your friend lived closer-I'd love to set him up with my single female friends!

  14. I'd kill for a garden, but our wee one is pretty allergic to we had to get rid of the lawn.

  15. Wow. I forget how out of proportion Dolly Parton is! Can't wait to see what's coming on Monday!

  16. I know lots of single girls in Kansas City... I'll have to keep your matchmaking suggestion in mind!

    #4- But I wanna nooooooooow!!!

  17. Oh my goodnes... my brain is mush. I meant I wanna KNOW now!!! Sheesh!

  18. I love the matchmaking part! And no fair not even giving a teaser about the upcoming post!


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