Monday, August 30, 2010

Breakfasts for chocoholics

My husband the scientist is a chocolate lover. I don't really mind, as I quite enjoy it myself. He takes it a bit to the extreme, though. As in, every dessert should include chocolate to even be considered a dessert. Homemade breakfasts should include it as well.

This isn't too hard when it comes to desserts. While it does leave out some of my favorite cakes (yellow with white icing; carrot cake), there are so many chocolate desserts that it's easy to keep both his chocolate cravings and my desire for variety satisfied.

However, breakfast is something else. There really aren't that many specific chocolate breakfast foods out there. And that is where chocolate chips come in. We add them to almost everything now. Pancakes, of course. Waffles, too. Pumpkin muffins. Banana bread. Our go-to chocolate breakfast is fudgy chocolate chip muffins. (I love just making muffins on Sunday or Monday and eating them throughout the week.)

That is about the extent of our repertoire, though. And in all honesty, I'm getting a bit tired of chocolate chip pancakes every weekend. So I'm turning to you all. Do you have any recipes for chocolate breakfast treats? Or any non-chocolate breakfast you love that we could easily add chocolate chips to? And does anyone else have a chocolate fiend they cook for that can relate?


  1. Ooh, try chocolate chip bagels! I use the bagel recipe from The best part: the bagels freeze well, so you can make a bunch and they'll last for many breakfasts. :-)

  2. Can you convince him to go for cinnamon, instead? That opens up a whole new world! :) I adore chocolate, but sometimes I just want a nice cinnamon-y apple or peach pie, or spice cake. I never, ever, EVER buy these things--even the filling cans--because it seems that cinnamon is not an automatic ingredient. Why is that? Does cinnamon not scream "goes well with harvest fruits"?

    Oh dear, I'm digressing. And not helping you at all!

  3. ps. chocolate chips in a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting would be delicious :)

  4. I love your choices. I'm embarrassed to say that The Man enjoys any chocolate cereal - Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Krispies, Count Chockula, any of it. Whatever makes him happy, right?

  5. Nooo!!! There's nothing that ruins a good waffle (or pancake) like chocolate chips! I remember the first sleepover that I attended where the girl's mom put chocolate chips in everything and I was so confused. What a weird child I was.
    I do like me a "pain au chocolat" guys should go to France!
    I'm so with Kathleen though...cinnamon is definitely the way to go! Good thing I came to Mexico! They put cinnamon in everything sweet :)
    Sorry I'm no help! Mike doesn't even like sweet foods and "gets mad" when I make cookies and he "has" to eat them!

  6. If I were you, my go-to pick for a chocolate breakfast would be chocolate croissants and nonfat cappuccinos! (I hear they're unbelieveably hard to make, though!)

    So, in that case, an easy follow up might be chocolate scones?? And that really is just a fancy muffin, so I guess I'm really no help. ;-)

  7. Chocolate zucchini cake. Yummy! It works with yellow summer squash too. You could probably even divide the mix up and make muffins instead of cake. Muffins are more breakfasty after all.

  8. Or, you can put the chocolate and cinnamon together. I have a recipe for chocolate chip cake, and it is basically a white cake where you put half the batter in a pan, make a layer of cinnamon sugar and chocolate chips, make another layer of cake batter and a second layer of cinnamon sugar and chocolate chips and bake. It is sooo good.

  9. Hi! I'd have to say I'm a lot like your husband with the chocolate for dessert or breakfast. :)

    We make a wonnnderful chocolate chip coffee cake.... It's pretty much a white coffee cake batter, cinnamon/brown sugar topping, sprinkled with (plenty) of chocolate chips.

    Find me on my blogger if you are interested in the actual recipe. :)


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