Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes (44)

There are only 101 days until my due date! Not that I'm in a hurry for pregnancy to end (I'm quite enjoying it), but I am really ready to hold our baby girl! I know some people need the whole 9 (10) months to prepare themselves, but we've pretty much been ready since before the halfway mark. I'm so impatient!

By the way, how exactly do you measure trimesters? I'm coming up on 26 weeks, but I don't think I'm quite to the third trimester yet? But the stuff I've read varies from saying it starts at 25 to 28 weeks. I guess I'll go with the latter, especially since technically you're not pregnant for a full 40 weeks (just 38).

Did you hear that both Maggie and Chelsea had their babies yesterday? Early for both of them! I can't wait until they post all the glorious details!

I've been thinking and reading a lot lately about nature and how our bodies were created to do certain things (breastfeed, for example). So interesting. I really like the thought of trusting that we were designed to do things a certain way, and it messes things up to do it otherwise. Am I becoming crunchy? (My husband hates this word.) Anyway, I realize this has to be tempered with using our intelligence and reason, but there's something to doing things the way people have always done them that resounds with me. At least in the area of infant care, which is what I've been reading about lately.

Here's a stupid question. What exactly are the laundry tabs in cloth diapers? Is it this thing in the middle? So I just stick the velcro to it before washing?

Two short meta-blogging comments: First, is this background/font too hard to read? I got a comment saying that, but it looks fine on mine on my screen - maybe it looks different on PCs from Macs?

Second, I wish more people included their email addresses somewhere on their blogs or profiles. It doesn't have to be your personal email or anything - just a way to contact you besides comments. Sometimes I want to respond to a comment with a little email, since you never know if someone will actually come back and read your response, but I can't do that if there's no way to contact the person, and then I'm always disappointed.

"But for the grace of God, there go I." I've been repeating this phrase all week and it's really been helping me with humility!

It's Friday! I have a lunch date with my husband and then a three day weekend to spend with him! Whoo-hoo! Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. I haven't had any problems reading the blog at all. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. #1: I was taught that the trimesters change at the 13th and 27th week, but agree there are many other versions so feel free to pick whichever most appeals.

    #2: I know ~ can't wait for photos and details

    #5 No problem reading the blog

    #7 Have a great lunch date and wonderful weekend

  3. #4--yes.

    #5--no, it's easy to read. Very easy.

    Does Blogger give you options for how people sign their comments? WP always seems to have the email address box available.

  4. i have a mac and can read no problem?

    also, that looks like the laundry tab, although i've never seen it in the middle before :)

  5. The comment thing frustrates me too, I wish that I could keep the current comment structure that I have, and add the email/URL combo that the Wordpress blogs have too.

  6. 4. I think that is the laundry tab; our BG are bigger so there are two closer to the ends but since you got itty-bitty ones then maybe there's just the one. Our laundry tabs are stitched on, and it looks like that section is too.

    5. I think through blogger if you click on their profile you can get some contact information... I think O'll be adding my email to my blog! Good point!

  7. if i look at your blog on my phone, i can't really see the sidebar with all your links. but other than that its fine.

  8. I can read it no problem, using Google Chrome. However your purple sidebar is semi-transparent, so you can see the background under the words and I can see how that'd be hard on the eyes.

    Looks like that is the laundry tab.


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