Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why this isn't a cooking blog

The Pioneer Woman I am not.
Although you are more than welcome to buy me her cookbook for Christmas so I can attempt to imitate her deliciousness.

I really like to cook, and I'm not half bad at it. (All the credit goes to my mother and 4-H.) And yet I rarely share recipes or discuss food ideas on here. Sometimes I think I'd like to do more with this topic, and then I remember why I don't...

  • Every time I think I'm a domestic goddess, I make a rookie mistake like using baking powder instead of baking soda. I'm pretty sure it's God's way of keeping me humble, so I try to just laugh and move on.
  • I'm not actually creative in the kitchen. I like to follow recipes that other people have proven to work.
  • I am not a good photographer, so I can't provide any of those awesome step-by-step pictures.
  • Back to the lack of creativity... I'm lost without a menu plan. My brain goes blank and I can't think of anything to make for dinner except for frozen pizza.
  • I have no sense of portion control. I often accidentally make enough to feed 6 instead of 2.
  • Meals that are supposed to take 30 minutes to prepare inevitably take me 45.
  • I don't do fancy ingredients. And I should confess that in my book, even something as simple as chopping up a bar of good chocolate instead of using cocoa powder counts as fancy.
  • I've come to the conclusion that you really can't beat a box mix of brownies or cornbread. (I would really love to be proven wrong on this one, but after trying several homemade brownie recipes that only turned out so-so, I'm not sure I can be.)

And that my friends is why this is not a cooking blog. Do you like to share recipes on your blog, or does something keep you from it? Do you have any kitchen confessions you need to get off your chest?


  1. I do share recipes on my blog, but they aren't frequent. :)
    I definitely don't think your blog is lacking. :)

    Also, Pioneer Woman was on Throwdown with Bobby Flay last night! I DVRed it, and I'm excited to watch it! :)

  2. I post recipes every once in a while. I've been posting more lately because they make for good (and quick) posts. Plus, I like to share what's worked for me! :)

    I used to cook a whole lot more than I do now. I think the high point of those endeavors was making dark chocolate raspberry truffles for my husband's family last Easter. Yum... those were delicious! I'm hoping to get back into cooking soon. :)

  3. I share recipes sometimes, but they're usually ones I found in a book or magazine. And of course, I only share the ones that come out well. ;)

    I love Pioneer Woman! I have never had much luck with yeast bread, but I made her cinnamon bread last week and it was heavenly. The step by step photo instructions helped, to be sure.

    I might have to agree with you on brownie mix from a box. They're hard to make from scratch well. I love the gihardelli (that is not even close to the right spelling) dark chocolate brownie mix. So good.


  4. I am a recipe girl, but I think if you find good recipes and make them again and again, you become an expert at them... and I hope I end up one day with the BEST recipes and become known in my family as a great cook! :)

    Boxed brownies are the best. That's just all there is to it.

  5. I, too, am not a good cook. I have to follow recipes and have zero creativity in the kitchen. However, there are a few things I do make from scratch adn the only reason they turn out well is because they are recipes i used to watch my mom make and I have her recipes. Otherwise, I leave the cooking to my husband. Brownies though are one of those things i make from scratch. I have a very easy recipe (my mom's) and it isn't ahrd at all. Everyone loves them!! They were a staple when we had large groups of people over (my dad's poker night, any sleepover, the time the Univ. of TN basketball pep band stopped at my parent's house for dinner, etc.). I'll have to email you the recipe.

  6. Oh Kasclar, please do share the recipe!

  7. You can make enough for 6 when trying for 2?? That is a gift my friend! I have the exact opposite problem (or maybe feeding my husband is like feeding 5 people...) You are welcome to cook for us any day!

  8. I am a cooker/baker (it runs in the family--even have some gourmet chefs!) but here's why you get no recipes:

    sheer laziness. I would have to think ahead? take pictures? retype the recipe? I never use the same one twice!

    And I am not above giving my husband frozen pizza for dinner... which is in fact happening tonight :)

  9. I don't usually post recipes because I don't really use them. I'm not sure what my issue is, but I will look at 3-5 recipes on Allrecipes to get an idea of what I should use, and then I'll just dump. And I haven't even owned measuring cups or spoons since April, so it would be rather difficult to recreate.

  10. Cooking and eating is a big part of our life here and something I love to do. I don't post much about it on my blog because a)so many other people do it for me and b)I don't use recipes for a lot of the stuff I love the most and thing is worth sharing, so I can't really share. Or I could, and yours would taste nothing like mine and you'd wonder what I was raving about.

    You can SO beat boxed brownies. Except for the Ghirardelli ones which I won't pay for because they cost so much, I don't even like boxed ones any more. If you want, I can send you a brownie recipe I love. It might make you gain another 30 pounds though, if you make them like I do...I just can't let myself make them very often. I've never had boxed cornbread so I don't know about that one. I do know my cornbread gets dry rather fast. Does boxed keep longer?

    I have issues with portions too, but I am slowly getting better. After cooking for 9 up until my marriage, I always seem to either cook way too much, or overcorrect that and cook way to little.


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