Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meatless Meal Week

This week I'm going to be sharing our go-to vegetarian meals, as many people are gearing up for Lenten meatless Fridays. I'd like to pretend I'm just doing it for you all, but I totally have ulterior motives. I'm looking to expand our own repertoire! So this is me shamelessly begging you to join in. You can do your own posts about it and link to them. You can jot your favorite recipes in the comments. You can simply give the links to online recipes that you've found. Whatever works for you!

Because I'm corny and like themes, there's a basic ingredient for each day. Here's the line-up:
Monday: Beans
Tuesday: Soup
Wednesday: Pizza
Thursday: Pasta
Friday: Fish

Looking forward to sharing!


  1. Hooray! I make a vegetarian bean dish that we love so much, we eat it all the time around here! I'll be sure to share!

    I'm just curious; what is the reasoning/tradition behind abstaining from meat on Lenten Fridays? I always love finding out the reason behind Catholic teachings, because I'm always like, "Wow, that makes a LOT of sense!" :-D And this is kind of getting into the letter of the law, lol, but can you use meat-based products like beef bouillon cubes? I'm not sure I can make soup without my bouillon! :-D

  2. Ooh! I am excited about this. I never think I eat that much meat until Lent rolls around! It's hard for me to come up with interesting dishes. I have been wanting to discover more vegetarian recipes for money-saving purposes, anyway. :-)


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