Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No help from the binky

Last week in a moment of sleep-deprived desperation, a lightbulb went off. A pacifier! Yes! Everybody uses a pacifier to help their baby sleep! As wary as I had been of them, I was now certain that a pacifier would solve all of our problems.

I dashed to the closet and rummaged around until I found the bag of freebies that the hospital had sent us home with. Jackpot - a pacifier! Oh, even an orthodontic kind - whatever the heck that meant. Hopefully that it wouldn't screw up her teeth, I guess. At this point I didn't really care what her orthodontist bill would be - I just wanted some sleep.

I brought the pacifier out for Miriam to get used to during her playtime. I eagerly stuck it in her mouth.

She pulled it out and looked it over...

... and promptly decided this made a wonderful teether and started gnawing on the side.

I gently pulled it out, properly reinserted it, and waited for the sucking to begin.

She pulled it out and again started chewing the side.

We repeated this cycle once more before I decided to give up, mourning the fact that I was all too successful in my goal of my daughter not becoming attached to a pacifier.

Miriam, on the other hand, was quite delighted with her new teething ring.


  1. Yup ~ a favorite teething toy here too!

  2. After three months of the PERFECT pacifier relationship (hardly at all during the day, just needed it to help her sleep at night) Hannah now uses it in the same way Miriam does. I cannot even begin to tell you how much frustration and sorrow this has caused.....

    I was once weary of the paci-now I understand their greatness!

  3. Hee hee! With each of my children, there has come a moment, usually at bedtime when I'm exhausted and the baby won't go to sleep but doesn't want to nurse anymore, when I try the pacifier. It usually works once. And then they spit it out, and that's the end of it. This is usuallly the beginning of the "time to learn to go to sleep without Mommy" stage...the harbinger of the crying stage. :) For us, anyway.

  4. Same here! With every pregnancy I said that child would not use a binky, but my first 3 ended up with them. This last one was my first time breastfeeding and I was completely paranoid about ruining everything by giving him a binky. So finally within the past month or so I was desperate for some sleep and after 9 months of successful nursing figured it was safe to give itbto him, but he won't use the stupid thing! I guess I'm more happy about it though, because taking the binky away from the other 3 was not very pleasant. Well, actually my 2 and a half year old still uses his to sleep and would walk around with it all day if I let him! So once I get it away from him I will be very excited and relieved to have a binky- free house!

  5. She's too cute.

    Maggie is a paci girl. She got her first one at two days old when I had no milk to give her and she wouldn't stop screaming. It's been love ever since. She really only uses it at nap time and bed time, but we have been known to use it during Mass too! :)

    I think for them to be a useful thing, you'd probably have to introduce it much earlier, like when they are 6-8 weeks.

    But hey, if it works for a teether, that's good too!

  6. This is too funny! What a little ham! She's the cutest, AND that funny personality coming through already!

  7. She's adorable!

    We're currently working on the weaning from the pacifier, but that has clashed with getting moved to a big boy bed... ah, we'll get it figured out eventually!

  8. I've had a few kids who wanted NOTHING to do with a pacifier. And one kid that I couldn't get weaned off it (seriously, at age 4 he'd sneak over and steal the baby's!)

    It sounds like she's getting some teeth!

  9. No pacis here. I tried one on Henry in the car once when he was really small and we were in traffic, with to much risk of The Law seeing us if we took him out to nurse. It worked for oh, like 3 minutes.

    Look at that face, though! She's adorable!

  10. OMG!!!! She is sooo sweeet and cute. Loved her pics. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Gus used his occasionally (i.e. in the car) for a month or two, but then stopped using it. Now he uses it just like Miriam does! We keep it in the toybox for him :) Adorable pics!

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