Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And then I vanished

Well that was unexpected. I just dropped off the face of the blogosphere for a few weeks there.

It all started when we stayed with my parents for a few weeks. Their country internet connection was painfully slow. And then my dad informed me after I'd been there for a while that they only get so much time per month, and then it slows down even more. So perhaps I shouldn't just leave my browser open all day every day like I'm used to doing!

I still tried to persevere. But the internet became more hassle than it was worth. And oh yeah, wasn't the main reason I wanted to move so we could spend time with family? So instead of sitting next to Miriam with one eye on her and one eye on my laptop, I started taking her next door to visit her great-grandparents whenever no one (she or them) was napping. And instead of jumping online any time my dad got a break from the farm and came inside, I sat around and shot the breeze with him. In the evenings after Miriam went down, I hung out with my parents (and brother and SIL if they were around) and watched whatever bad tv they had on. It was quite refreshing. (Well, the tv shows weren't refreshing. They simply confirmed our choice to not get cable. But the time with family was nice!)

Once we moved into our new house, though, I was ready to plug back in. But the previous owners hadn't cancelled their internet service yet, so I had to wait for that. And then wait another ten days for someone to come out and hook it all up.

In the meantime, Miriam started crawling! Which is adorable. And which requires constant supervision, as we haven't baby-proofed yet. And since she is attracted to cords like a moth to a flame, and since my laptop battery won't hold a charge (never let anyone tell you Macs are invincible), her play time and my computer time are no longer compatible.

That leaves her two naptimes, since I try not to get online in the evening when my husband is home. Okay, really just one naptime, since I've gone back to taking a nap every day, too. So that's an hour and a half (sometimes even uninterrupted) to unpack, search for Dr. Right, deal with the paperwork du jour, do whatever chores need done, and squeeze in some internet browsing (usually searching for furniture or mapping out our afternoon errands).

At one point last week, I atually wondered the unthinkable: was this the natural end to my blogging? And then I got a few spare minutes to catch up on just a few of your posts, and remembered how much I love hearing what you all have to say! I can't quit that!

All this to say, I miss you. And I'm not sure how you other mothers do it! I thought I had this whole blogging with a baby thing figured out, but it turns out that's a very different prospect from blogging with a mobile baby! Do bear with me as I get the hang of it. And in the meantime, if you have any advice on how to manage it all, I'd love to hear it!


  1. Two words: Baby jail. :) Especially helpful when you have more than one and you need a safe place to put a mobile baby while attending to the needs of another child!

  2. I was just thinking about you last night, and wondering where you'd disappeared to. :) Good to have you back!

  3. Good to have you back :). Miriam is adorable!

  4. You can buy a new battery off Amazon or, if that helps.

    I actually do most of my surfing/internet while nursing.

  5. Don't worry, I find it hard to blog with a baby and mine's only 2 months old! I definitely do most of my internet work while she's nursing.

    I love the "baby jail" I had planned on using that eventually since I have to work too while I care for her..

  6. Welcome back, it is a lot of change ~ give yourself some time to find a good routine for blogging, caring for Miriam ~ and maybe a new battery.

  7. I'm glad you haven't left forever! And well done to Miriam with the crawling. I found I had to watch Gus like a hawk the first week or so that he was crawling--I never knew what he would find next. But after a while, things were more or less safe again for him--and I remembered not to leave plastic bags and such on the floor!

  8. I've missed you! Hope you're liking it up there!

  9. Count me among the miss-you crowd! As far as managing to blog and care for children...for me, writing something is sometimes my "me" time...but now that I am back to running and things, it's not the FIRST "me" time thing I do. :) You'll get the hang of it soon enough!

    Miriam is Soooooo cute!!! :)

  10. Congrats with the move and the crawling! (Henry's doing an impressive head down crawl we call the inch-worm)
    I know a lot of "professional" mommy blogs have admitted that the either set time aside at night when 1) the hubs can watch the kiddos or 2) everyones asleep or 3) call in the troops so mommy can escape to the library or coffee shop to write posts.
    Enjoy it - sooner than you know Miriam will be more independent and you'll want this time back!

  11. Good to have you back. :) I'm glad the move went well.


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