Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick Takes (72)

It feels like settling into our new house is taking forever! Then again, considering the fact that I actually spent hours agonizing over which kitchen cabinet to put our plates in, I'm doing pretty well.

I was going to ask your opinion on decorating, but I haven't unpacked my camera cord yet. In lieu of showing pictures and asking your specific advice, I'll just ask if you have any favorite decorating websites, blogs, or pinterest boards that might be helpful?

I finally got a pair of wedges the other day and was all excited about being so stylish. (Apparently I've been reading too much Betty Beguiles!) Yesterday after wearing them for the first time, I left them downstairs while I put Miriam down for her nap. I came back 15 minutes later to see that the dog decided my wedges were her new chew toys. It is truly a wonder that I haven't gotten rid of that stupid dog yet. I don't know of any greater testament to how much I love my husband.

It also helped that I got them on clearance for $7 at TJ Maxx.

I'm having a hard time discerning which parish we should join. We're right on the line between two of them, and either one would be fine. But the one we technically should belong to is a bit, um, touchy feely? Well, as touchy-feely as a Catholic church can be. It's not like everybody's hugging each other or anything, but the homilies have all been more about feelings and being nice than about the gospel or anything else. I need a little more meat than that. The other parish seems a lot more orthodox, so I'm very drawn to that. They both seem to have active groups for moms, which is great.

So basically it comes down to the question of where we'll want to send Miriam to school five years from now. If it's our parish school, then I think we'll need to be within our boundaries. If it's the public school that's a five minute walk from our house (or the super-expensive super-orthodox private Catholic school of our dreams that's a five minute drive from my husband's office) then we could join whichever church we wanted.

Any tips for discerning which church to join? I've been praying, but haven't received any clear answers yet.

I'm not pregnant, just in case you were wondering after my nap comment the other day. Miriam's still nursing too much for that to happen! I keep meaning to write a post about using breastfeeding to space your children, but I'm certain that as soon as I do my fertility will return and I'll realize everything that I wrote was wrong.

Miriam does the following exciting things now:
  • Waves
  • Claps
  • Says "mama"
  • Bounces
  • Chases the dog
  • Rips any papers mama is looking at
  • Rolls over and tries to crawl off the changing table
Photo courtesy of Miriam's grandma. Please focus only on the adorable baby and not her unwashed mother wearing old soccer shorts from her high school days.

In other exciting Miriam-related news, I think we are ready to transition from a diaper bag back to a purse! I'll be keeping the diaper bag handy in the car, but just not hauling it into every store with us. I think we're pretty much there (my husband would say it's overdue), with the exception of maybe when we'll be sitting somewhere for a while and she may need something to occupy herself. Although yesterday at the DMV she was fine with simply crawling all over the dirty floor and banging the one teething ring I brought on everything. And then sticking it back in her mouth, of course.

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  1. I adore my Town & country for many reasons, but chief among them is the stow-and-go seating. When I said, "I want stow-and-go" during the car shopping process, I thought it was just to make things easier when we needed to move big stuff. We have used it for that, but rarely. I mean...we have all these kids, and they have to have somewhere to sit. No, I love stow-and-go because there's a well on each side that the captain's chairs fold down into, and it is PERFECT. I never have to move the diaper bag or the bag of church books. They just sit in the car waiting until I need them, which is almost never. :)

  2. Join the church you feel most at home in for now, in a year or two you can start really evaluating the school options and decide if you need transfer. If your community large enough to have a multi-parish school system or is that your private super orthodox school?

    vasxzxsdcs - Thats a message from Henry to Miriam, I assume it's super secret baby code (he's also babbling at the screen)

  3. Unless the Catholic Church that you technically fall under is unorthodox and you do feel very uncomfortable, I think there's a great virtue to following the parish system, instead of picking and choosing. My husband and I bounced around for a long time because our parish had the same reputation, and is very multicultural (comes by it honestly, though). We thought we wouldn't like it, and some of it isn't what we'd naturally gravitate to, but we've been greatly blessed by going. It's always good to think of what YOU can bring to the parish too, which is what were discerning right now.

  4. Go where you feel most comfortable, school decisions can wait a little while.

    Such a cute picture! I love when they applaud themselves!

  5. Hey, I'm glad you didn't write about breastfeeding/child spacing. I dislike reading people's "this works for everyone and if it didn't work for you, you did it WRONG" post. I didn't do it wrong. My kids didn't sleep through the night-unless you call 2 hours "through the night". My fertility comes back at about 7 wks pp.
    It was hard for me to come to terms with, but it's true. Breastfeeding does not hold off fertility for everyone.

    Go with the more orthodox church, I think, especially for your daughter's sake. And I know this is not my place to say, but seriously, you have a PhD. What about homeschooling? The teachers at the Catholic schools are not as educated as you are.

    You are a saint for putting up with that dog.

  6. When I first starting learning NFP I told my roommate the thing about breastfeeding and fertility and she looked at me like I was crazy. Turns out she and her sister were 10 months apart despite the fact that her mom was still breastfeeding regularly. So yeah... I don't trust that as any kind of hard-and-fast rule.

  7. Miriam is so cute, and she's getting huge!


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