Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Plain Pony November - Week 3

Anyone else a bit tired of this topic?

It's not that I'm tired of wearing my hair down - I think this challenge is successfully achieving the goal of getting me in that habit. It's trying to find new things to do with it. Especially since, as I mentioned last time, I am not skilled at bobby pin insertion. Give me a pony tail holder and I'm fine. But anything else and the results are not pretty. So that inspired a different challenge for this week: adding accessories to my hair.

Initially I had big plans to try things like barrettes and a flexiclip and maybe even flowers! But I'm afraid I'm too cheap to buy things that I'm not sure will work.

I still want to try one of these flexiclips, though.

So instead I used things we already had and basically tried different varieties of headbands. I apologize in advance for the pics - you really can't see much.

First I did a simple ribbon. I thought it was fairly cute, but my husband informed me that it was too young. Seeing as I had indeed bought the ribbons for Miriam, and seeing as she looks much cuter in them, I reluctantly returned them to her closet.

Next I tried a lace headband. It had been sitting in an untouched accessory bag in the bathroom closet for approximately nine years. I liked that it was red and something a little different. My husband was indifferent to the look.

There are a lot of pretty headcoverings, including lace headbands, at this site. I haven't bought any, but I'm really tempted to get the one below. Isn't it pretty?

Finally I decided to try using a scarf. I kept seeing the image below all over the internet, but of course didn't think to actually use the accompanying tutorial when it came time to tie my own scarf.

This was my favorite of all the things I tried, probably because I just got this pretty scarf on clearance and am in love with it. (Unfortunately you can't see much of it in the picture.) My husband thought I looked a bit like a hippie, but it wasn't a dealbreaker.

There were two mornings I resorted to buns. One day I did three low buns, which turned out surprisingly okay. (It probably would've been prettier if I'd used bobby pins instead of hair ties, but oh well!)

Another morning I was short on time and even shorter on sleep, so I did go with a plain bun that morning. (I justified it by showering later and wearing it down the rest of the day.) And here's where the accessories really came in handy:

I put them on Miriam.

Because when you put a ridiculously large bow on your baby, nobody's looking at your hair.

How's No Plain Pony November going for you? If you're in a slump with wearing your hair down, your additional challenge this week is to try adding accessories!

And Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love the Garlands of Grace website... I'm trying to convince my husband to get a couple for stocking stuffers for me. :-)

  2. aw, those are cute hairstyles. i have this problem all the time, so one way to avoid the ponytail? go short! haha, that's what i did :p xx

  3. I am so boring. I just straighten my hair every day and wear it down. I like your scarf idea, though...might have to look into that one.

  4. Your husband is a tough cookie ;). But I have the same problem- I put on a headband and suddenly people think I'm a teenager. I used to wear a bun 365 days a year... no joke... for probably 5+ years. I now wear it down every single day. Funny how our preferences change!

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