Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Plain Pony November Wrap-Up

We made it!

One thing I learned from all this? Although my hair is very pretty when it's long, I don't think it's the most flattering look for my face. So I finally got up the courage to get my hair cut the other night! And for the first time in ten years I even got (gasp) bangs! Okay, they're long enough that they're probably always going to be tucked behind my ear, but it's a start.

The other thing I learned from this month? It is actually possible to shower (almost) every day and make an effort to look nice. On the flip side, now when I wear my hair in a ponytail I am going to claim that it is due to my lack of skill with bobby pins as opposed to me just being lazy.

Thanks for sticking with me through this month - I know the posts were a bit boring, but it was good accountability for me. And special thanks to Joy and Knowledge Hungry for taking part all along! Any closing remarks from anyone else?


  1. I made it through the month, I didn't wear my hair in a plain ponytail for 30 whole days (except for a few times at night) I had fun, but I slacked off writing about it. Sorry! I still like my long hair and will not be cutting it, but yours looks cute!
    Jeanne G.

  2. That's such a pretty hair style on you, Elizabeth! I wish I could do something like this, but I caved and chopped off my long hair. It takes so muich patience for me to keep my hair long...I admire yours!


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