Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Takes 79

It's time I inform you of the sad state of my armpits. That homemade deodorant I made did indeed work to prevent stench. Unfortunately, within four days it also worked to make my armpits completely break out. It was bad, folks. Red splotchiness everywhere.

I then had to go four days without putting anything on my armpits so they could recover. And the smell? AWFUL. I wondered if I'd somehow accidentally caused my armpits to try to detox. My husband wouldn't cuddle with me, even when I'd taken a shower only a couple hours before. And he claimed that the smell was physically rubbing off onto poor Miriam.

Needless to say, we were all happy when I finally went to the store and bought some more deodorant. That's the last time I try to make our own body products.

But what do I do with the coconut oil now? I had all kinds of plans for it, from cooking to hair styling, but now I'm a bit nervous. If it did that to my armpits, perhaps I shouldn't ingest it.

Actually, I later heard that it was probably the cornstarch that caused my reaction and not the coconut oil. Which once again leads me to muse, if it did that to my armpits, perhaps I shouldn't ingest it.

You may have heard the world population passed the 7 billion mark this week. Hopefully you didn't fall for the overpopulation myth ominously underlying practically every story on the subject. (Except for this one.)

As a brief review:
Poverty = True
Hunger = True
Overpopulation = False

And here's a great short video about the numbers:

I am now soliciting birthday gift ideas for my mother. My dad's suggestion: have another baby so when the two of them visit they'll each have a grandchild to play with and they won't have to fight over Miriam. Since that's not going to happen in the next two weeks, I'm looking for other ideas.

My husband, after a rough night with Miriam: "I went to the bathroom this morning and saw a flashing red light. I thought the aliens had come to take me. Then I realized..."

"You realized it was just the stick your wife had peed on!" I finished with a giggle.

All that to say, we're pretty happy with using the Marquette model to observe my fertility postpartum. Although I do trust my bodily signs more than the monitor. Which is a good thing, in my opinion.

This new line of baby product fabrics at JoAnn's almost has me wanting to try my hand at sewing my own cloth diapers. Almost. Until I remember that PUL is a bear and we're perfectly happy with our current diaper stash.

After reading this fabulous review (seriously, if only all product reviews were this detailed!) I bought this steam mop with my birthday money. That's how you know you're old and boring, in case you were wondering. I'm still so excited about it that I am going to go use it again right now. That's twice in three weeks that my floor is getting mopped - definitely a record in our home!

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  1. The issue I've found with saying that overpopulation is or is not a myth is that it deals in numbers and statistics rather than day-to-day realities. You can read more of my thoughts here, but essentially I think we need to stop arguing about whether the world is or is not overpopulated and start asking questions like, "Do all of the people in the world have their needs met? If not, what can we do about it?"

  2. I've been wondering how your home made deodorant has been working! Kudos to you for trying it out!

    I'm using Marquette, too. And there have been times that my husband has seen the blinking red light in the darkness and nearly freaked out. Haha!

    I'm going ot have to look into that steam mop. I'm a sucker for cleaning products!

  3. We use Thai sea salt crystals--either the block or the spray--and we're pretty happy with it. Christian had problems with commercial deodorants causing skin irritation. I just wanted to get away from the artificiality of it. I like them pretty well.

  4. Oh dear, that's too bad about the deodorant! It has totally worked for us! (There were, I recall, a few days of mild stinkiness in the beginning as my body adjusted, but ever since then it's worked great). We've both used it for close to a year now. But neither of us reacted to it the way you did. Your reaction could be either to the corn starch or the baking soda -- baking soda can be pretty harsh.

    Also, thanks for linking to the "overpopulation myth" article. I loved it!

  5. I've heard that coconut oil is a very rare sensitivity, and it is more likely the baking soda. I have been doing pretty well with the same deodorant recipe as you. I have a fallback deodorant in my medicine cabinet, though!
    Jeanne G.

  6. I've been wanting to try my hand are DIY deodorant but have pretty sensitive skin. Thanks for the heads up, I may need to do more research on my recipe now.

    On the gifts for your mom: I just bought my mom a VHS to DVD converter for her computer for all of our old home videos. So far she really likes it and considering it's $10 per tape converter if you hire someone paying $40 for the machine to do it was a steal.

    I love steam mops! I got the Shark Vac and Steam 2 in 1 for my birthday and love it! No disgusting chemicals on my floor or that I have to buy, just water. :)

  7. I made my own deodorant and it works great for me, but the same thing you experienced happened to my husband. I still use it and he uses store bought now...

    For my parents and grandparents, I really like giving photo gifts - photo books and calendars and the like. It seems my mom never really needs anything, so I just hate to clutter up her house with more junk (she's already quite the pack rat as it is). Memory stuff is so much more practical (and I'm sure she'll love them even more one her grandchild is here).

  8. Bummer on the deodorant - have you tried buying the Tom's of Maine brand? It is free of aluminum, comes in great scents, and works well. It's not cheap, but seems to last long.

    I'm totally checking out that mop.

  9. Your breaking out could very well be because of the coconut oil, because it contains a natural antibiotic, and it could be your body detoxing from the bad bug cell death.

    I had that happen when I was using coconut oil as my body moisturizer.

  10. I second the photo book or calendar idea - my parents always love those! Having a kid to photograph opens up a whole new world of great gift ideas for grandparents:) You could also do a world's best grandma tshirt/sweatshirt with miriam's handprints.

  11. hmm, i'm actually thinking about the deodorant thing, and i think its probably due more to the baking soda. when i was washing my hair with baking soda i noticed that if i got any on my chest or arms i was very sensitive to it and would get all red and rashy. either way, that's no good :( I made deodorant a while back too, the only issue i've had is not being able to get it to spin upwards in the old deodorant stick! its just stuck in there now and i have to use my fingers to put it on under my armpits. oh well.
    anyways,great to hear the marquette method is working well! i haven't met too many people who've used it so i'd love to hear more :)

  12. 1. Bummer on the homemade deodorant!

    4. Its kind of an expensive idea, but a couple of holidays ago we bought my mom a Pandora bracelet with one charm and started adding to it for Christmas and birthdays. It's a fun little tradition and the charms can seem expensive, but there are lots of different types of brands out there. My mom is notoriously hard to buy for because she doesn't "need" anything!

    5. Interesting... I'm grateful to be only 2 wks postpartum, but we need to start thinking about this soon.

    6. Out of curiosity, what is currently in your diaper stash? I know you are doing EC too, but I'd love to hear what diapers worked for you all after the newborn stage.


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