Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here's to 59 more

My grandparents were both in different hospitals last week - first my grandpa had a stroke, then four days later my grandma broke her hip. This is probably the first time in 20+ years that they haven't seen each other every single day. I've never seen my grandpa cry, but he teared up when he asked us how my grandma was. The only thing that kept him from crying was when my dad told him that the nurses say my grandma is "feisty."

Their kids laughed that it'd be better for them to be in separate rooms at the nursing home they're recovering in, so they get a break from each other. It's common knowledge in our family that they drive each other crazy. And yet on their first day there, they're walking the halls together and spending hours just sitting in the same room.

And on this, the eve of our fifth anniversary, they are the image running through my mind. I want to write all about my amazing husband (an ode something like this one), but all I can picture is my grandpa - feeling completely lost because he hasn't seen his wife in 36 hours. A love like that. A relationship that outsiders, and even their own family, can't ever fully appreciate. A marriage that can withstand everything that 64 years can throw at it.

That's what I want. And praise be to God, that's what I have. A husband that will be at my side, every day, for the rest of my life.

Happy 5th anniversary, Gregory. Here's to the next 59.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You are blessed with a wonderful family and a rare kind of love.

  2. This made me tear up! Happy anniversary!!

  3. Happy Aniversary! What a wonderful example - my grandparents just reached 60 years too!

  4. Awww... such a sweet story. Happy anniversary! Prayers for you!

  5. Happy anniversary! What a great goal to keep in mind.

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  9. Not every couple gets to celebrate 64 years of marriage. Your grandparents are some of the lucky ones who have found their one true soulmate. It felt like my heart was breaking as I read about how your grandpa cried when he asked you how his wife was. I hope they get to celebrate more anniversaries, and I wish the same for you and your husband. Cheers!

    Walton Baylor @

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