Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little by little

It's 9:00 in the morning and my home is silent. Cecilia is down for her nap and Miss Miriam, my big girl, is off for her first overnight without us. She was all smiles as she got into Grandma's car, waving good-bye effusively and blowing me a big kiss. I have no doubt she'll be fine. She won't cry.

I might.

We've been touring preschools these past few weeks. I don't think I'd have as hard of a time with this, but we're leaning towards a fantastic Montessori school that requires 5 day a week attendance. Every day! It would be one thing to slowly give her up, two or three mornings at a time, but every single day? It slays me.

Sure, we don't have to. But God has been gracious enough to make it clear that we are not homeschooling, and after praying about where to send her to school for a couple years now, it looks like this is the path we're taking. It's going to be great for her. It's going to be rough for me.

The thing is, Miriam is simply delightful. I love her company. I love being with her, all day, every day. I never realized just how much I would enjoy the presence of my children. I like doing everything with her. On the rare occasion that I run to the store without her, I actually miss her.

So I'm trying to process this whole school thing little by little. We're not planning to start her until the first of the year, after all. Deep breaths and enthusiastic conversations about "learning!" and only the occasional crying breakdown after she's fast asleep.

For almost a year now she's excitedly informed everyone that "I get to go to school when I'm three!" January can't come soon enough for my girl. She's ready for this. Now to get myself ready.


  1. I can't give any advice! But I sure can commiserate!

  2. What a lovely girl! I'm almost as emotional at the prospect of weaning my daughter, and she's two. So obviously, I'm of no help. :P

  3. Hugs!
    LIsbeth's kindergarten is full day (7 hrs) and two weeks in I'm still missing her around lunch but it is getting easier. Good that you have a couple of months to get use to the idea.

  4. couple of thoughts - why start now? even if you aren't homeschooling there isn't any real need to start preschool so young (unless you WANT to). so if you still want her home with you, there is NOTHING wrong with that :)

    also, if 5 days a week seems like a lot (b/c it IS, esp for THREE), then keep looking. if God iscalling you to outside the home school, He will give you peace about your choice.

    so just curious - how come you feel "unled" as it were, to homeschool? just curious!

  5. Gus just started preschool this week, at a place we both love. Thankfully, it's only two afternoons a week. I felt okay about actually leaving him, which was a surprise, but it is so strange to me that he will be doing things and learning things that I am not a part of. Not sure I like that idea, really!

    Good luck with finding a school!

  6. Just remember you can try it and if it doesn't fit you don't have to keep doing it - In our district you have to be 5 by September 15ths to go to Kindergarten so Henry won't be going until he's 5 and a half. If yours is like that you've still got plenty of time to get Miriam "pre-schooled".

    I have to say it's interesting being on the other side - we started with Henry at "school"(what we call daycare to make ourselves feel better honestly) for almost 2 years, and now are cutting back his hours and really debating if we're going to do preschool at all (because we plan on doing 1/2 day kindergarten, so full day school won't be until age 6.5). We should chat more about it - actually I don't know if I got back to your last email... oops! =)

    p.s. One last thing - remember you've got Ce now too, and it will be great to have the same amount of time alone with her too. That's one of the nice things this could afford to your family, a nearly equal amount of mommy-only time for Ce in her early years.

  7. Such a cute little miss! Also, teachers LOVE parent volunteers. ;) Sneak some more time in with here at school.

  8. Erin--I am curious about this Montessori school. I'll have to hear more next time I see you.

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