Approaching Modesty

The following is a series of posts I wrote about trying to start dressing more modestly. Key word here is "trying" - sometimes it's tough!

Thinking through modesty 11-4-2009
What is the motivation behind modesty? I think the biggest one is to prevent objectification. Also, appropriateness seems to be very important.

Before I can implement modesty 11-10-2009
Thinking through some more big picture issues, including applying modesty to men and integrating modesty, femininity, and fashion.

Miss Modesty goes to Mass 11-16-2009
A flub in my initial attempts at modesty!

Review of Shalit's "A Return to Modesty" 11-27-2009
This is a review of a book I read which was not really about dressing modestly, but about the importance of sexual modesty.

Implementing modesty (finally!) 11-30-2009
Part 1 of actually cleaning out my closet: shirts and shorts.

Implementing modesty (part 2) 12-10-2009
Part 2 of actually cleaning out my closet: dresses and workout clothes.

Modesty resources 1-2-2010
List of online stores and articles to help you in your quest for modesty.

Modest swimsuits 3-19-2010
Yes, I went there.

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